Our Values

Everything we do at McKee Fehl is founded on reputation, relationships and respect: for the people we employ, the clients we serve and the city we help shape.

No matter the size, scale or complexity of the project, our team embraces three core principles that underscore our everyday working approach.

These values define our passion and purpose to deliver outstanding results that go above and beyond your expectations at every stage of the development:



A Passion To Build

We are a family of passionate, practical and plain-speaking problem-solvers with a hunger to transform your vision into reality.

Why? Put simply, because we love building and buildings.

We set the bar high and go the extra mile, again and again, to shape and transform the city we all know and love.



Relationships That Last

We believe that great teams build great buildings. And we know the success of our business is forged on relationships that last.

That’s why we take pride in the transparency and strength of our industry connections. From subcontractors and suppliers through to stakeholders and partners, we believe that everyone has a pivotal role to play.

Experienced and understanding, our highly motivated team marries an intelligent and collaborative approach with innovative industry techniques to deliver your vision.



Respect & Identity

Respect lies at the heart of everything we do.

We don’t just see building plans, timelines and budgets. We see the bigger picture. We know that our projects build jobs and lives as much as buildings and communities.

It’s for this very reason we believe we have a responsibility to respect, preserve and celebrate the fabric of our local environment.