8-14 Willis St

Statistics New Zealand


McKee Fehl is proud to have been engaged by Argosy Property Limited (Argosy) as the design and build construction contractor for Statistics New Zealand’s new offices at 8-14 Willis St.

McKee Fehl is undertaking extensive construction activities to extend, seismically upgrade and refurbish the existing offices to 130% of National Building Standard (NBS).

Creating a modern and dynamic environment with activity-based workstyles is critical. As part of this, the building will feature a central atrium and stairwell to encourage stair use, maximise natural daylight and improve connectivity between the floors.

The 11,800m2 office will accommodate approximately 1,000 staff in central CBD Wellington. Construction is anticipated to be complete by April 2021.

This redevelopment is an extension of an adjoining project at Stewart Dawson's Corner. Both projects follow McKee Fehl’s successful efforts to repurpose 15 Stout Street for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment offices, on behalf of Argosy, in 2013-14.