Press Hall / 80 Willis St

Our extensive and ambitious redevelopment of 80 Willis St, Press Hall and the Press Hall Laneway transformed an inaccessible group of seismically vulnerable, dilapidated and underutilised buildings into a dynamic urban hotspot.

We are proud to have won the following awards:

  • 2018 Wellington Property Council People Awards – Urban Design Award
  • 2018 Wellington Property Council People Awards – Supreme Award

Once again, we would like to acknowledge and thank our wider project team for their collective, collaborative and continous efforts which were instrumental in delivering this project. Our thanks extend to: IntergenEightyOne BlackYARD EngineeringBeca, BlackYARDNZCELWarren and MahoneyAllistar Cox and all Press Hall tenants.

Click here to discover how this urban redesign successfully modernises an iconic site while paying tribute to its legacy.

80 Willis St v2
80 Willis St2 v4
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